Augur Edits lets you access real editorial ideas from real freelance journalists, informed by our close connection to your marketing strategy.

Our “Augur Edits” team receive regular briefs on Augur’s current clients and editorial needs. Augur will then work with them to refine and deliver the best ideas straight to you.

The result is access to a greater range of authentic, relevant editorial, with less effort on your part.


  • It allows us to access a much broader range of ideas and editorial propositions relevant to you
  • It builds the media’s understanding of your stories, as they digest and think about how they fit into the broader market
  • Because we are managing this, the pitches and content are tied directly into Augur’s broader communications plan and measurement.

“Augur Edits is a really innovative approach to content marketing: it lets us access editorial at the same quality available to publishers without having the hassle of having to source or juggle freelancers.

It makes life so much easier knowing it’s tied directly into our wider PR strategy.”