Augur will pitch great stories, for companies that need it, at no cost.

That might be Pleo in Business Insider or KisanHub in TechCrunch.

In their words:

Augur’s work increased our exposure dramatically. From leading Silicon Valley VCs to our key vertical audience, the relationships they established will have a direct impact on our next phase of growth.”



Because it helps. Both journalists and founders. Young companies with good stories don’t know the rules of engagement and can end up overpaying mediocre freelancers to spam inboxes.

Because our real value is more than just a channel to media. We create strategy that combines Earned, Owned, Paid, Shared against clear upcoming challenges. 

Because it perfectly aligns the incentives: If the story is crap, we can tell you honestly. If you should only send it to three people, we have the ultimate reason to be honest. There’s no incentive to hound journalists for feedback.

Think you have a story?