Prezly‘s mission is to give great PR teams a better foundation to do their work.

Its current SaaS product includes support for branded announcements and a full CRM system to track how they are distributed. The team is constantly striving to adapt its service and help PR teams get the results they deserve.

Piece of mind

Prezly had been excited to work with a PR agency before — but the conventional media relations strategy offered disappointing results.

Augur developed a strong editorial line that helped Prezly become a core part of the PR industry picture in the UK and beyond. These relationships led to a genuine, non-financial partnership launching #PRstack, which topped the notorious Product Hunt chart for 2 days after launch with one of the highest votes seen on the site.

Blending content and campaigns has helped Prezly earn the attention it deserves from the audience that matters.

And ultimately, drive growth of the SaaS business past 400%.