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Interviewed by Gorkana

Gorkana recently interviewed us about our industry, including where tech PR is going and the worst thing a journalist has ever said to me. Which social media platform has changed your life? Can I argue BBEdit, which powers the SomethingAwful.com forums? It turns out that growing up out in the country and wasting hours trawling through […]

Augur launch covered across industry

The Holmes Report: “Having come from managing comms at Tradeshift, I’m most interested in the kinds of unsexy, B2B companies that really power things behind the scenes,” Tatton-Brown told the Holmes Report. “Unsung heroes.” Augur launches with five technology clients, although Tatton-Brown declined to reveal their names, instead noting that some are backed by investors […]

Why Augur?

PR has become a much maligned industry. And perhaps there’s some fairness to the criticism. Over the last 100 years, its “two-way street” origin decayed into something designed to match broadcast media’s growth with scalable profitability. But as a result, shifting patterns of attention have left many agencies fielding foghorns in a world now thriving […]