Fintech is as broad as the banks it dethrones.

From the commerce graph to payments to direct debit to blockchain, financial technology touches all areas of modern life.

The best PR for financial technology is proof.

Show the world a better way.

At Augur, we get it because we have worked inside global tech startups and written for national publications.

Technology is making finance a more functional part of normal peoples’ lives.

But how do you make that story pay for you?

Our first project with Augur was intended to be a one off around an important piece of news. However, the speed and effectiveness with which they advanced key relationships and delivered against our KPIs convinced us to add ongoing PR to the marketing mix.

We are now working together on a smart, integrated PR strategy that will support the next stage of GoCardless’s growth

So how does Augur do fintech PR differently?

Here are three things we believe, that you won’t hear elsewhere.

  • The Editor is King

    The world doesn’t need more content — it needs better editors who establish a clear, powerful point of view. They bring priorities, standards. They understand when to say no — and why.

    Calling it ‘content’ is like calling a crafted cup of coffee a beverage. It misses what the substance is all about.

  • Creation beats Creativity

    Creativity should be a given — but creation is all too rare. The best companies establish new assets and practices to serve customers with increasing value. Campaigns, strategic systems, intellectual property, the sky’s the limit.

    That’s Augur’s goal.

  • Designed and engineered

    Too many agencies shuffle around PDFs and made up dashboards, wasting hours manually editing spreadsheets. Augur uses/ builds the right tools for the job – like Asana for project management and reporting, Twitter’s API to ID influencers, Google Analytics, Docs, Drive. Even just pivot tables to get value from data.

    Not because they’re fancier. But because they’re faster. You need our attention on your results, not bureaucracy.

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