What we do

Strategies designed to earn attention,

complemented with owned material,

supported through social,

amplified with paid.

Augur believes: If you can articulate your true strength accurately,
success will follow.


Our clients specialise in technology and innovation. So we do too — Augur has re-engineered the agency model to make it a more agile, effective strategic partner.

We combine experience in startups, digital marketing and journalism to reach your audience and power up your company’s intelligence.


Happy Clients


We write for publishers like Quartz, Wired, the Guardian and tech.eu, so we know a good story when we see one. More importantly, we can tell what’s rotten from a mile off.


Augur’s founder led PR for a global tech startup. So we understand things like CAC vs LTV, lean methodology and product/market fit.

How Augur Works

  • Engineered more efficiently

    Modern work can be a mess of information overload, sprawling spreadsheet plans and bureaucracy that slows action to a crawl.

    We put everything in one place: Asana. Here, you can see all upcoming tasks, find every document and directly comment or ask questions. And we support it with intelligence channels in Slack and files in Google Drive.

  • Measurement made meaningful

    Ad Value Equivalent, coverage, estimated reach are all pointless if your comms plan doesn’t relate to your sales funnel.

    Augur’s measurement process is driven from Google Analytics (or better, if you’re using it). Choose from a measurement menu that asks questions like: “of every visitor last month that became a lead, how many saw content in their journey?”

  • Working face-to-face

    How can an agency accurately represent someone they don’t understand?

    By spending time with your team in person every week, we get under the skin of the company faster. So when we tell the world what you think, it’s the truth.

  • Own your story, or die trying

    You are a newswire. And the opinions section of your vertical target media. And an industry commentator. And an advocate of your customers. And an educator of your users.

    If you want to be.

    If you want authority, you need to start authoring it. Shuffled press releases behind closed doors pale in comparison to publishing your story on a regular basis anyway and giving the right people an early peek because it’s relevant.

    Don’t duplicate and add to the noise. Find your signal and amplify it.

  • Amplify with Care

    Embrace the real cadence of your company story. Not every step you take is a moon shot, and that’s okay. A flash in the pan will always appear less natural than consistent, growing fission.

    Proper amplification should push more out of a story engine that’s already working independently — not compensate for its absence.

    And a word about paid social. If we can directly target the people that journalists used to, in an easily measurable manner and on a basic budget, we’re doing it.

  • Experience beyond agencies

    We have freelanced for Wired, Quartz, The Guardian, Telegraph, Tech.eu and more. We’ve led PR and Comms for a $300m global tech startup. We’ve managed communities of 3000+ tech journalists and PRs, with members from Apple to the Economist, TechCrunch and beyond. Variety of experience spices our advice.

  • Resourcing attention

    The ‘hours’ agencies sell don’t exist, they are just 8 units of abstract value. That works great if you want to sell a dozen hours of an office junior and moments of the MD.

    But Augur simplifies this by resourcing teams across 4 units of attention per week. By being less granular, our plans reflect the value we offer across Strategy, Creation and Engagement. You pay for our value, not just our time.

  • Unsexy is the new Sexy

    How do you persuade a trendy teenager to become an advocate of a fizzy drink brand? Honestly? We can’t see why they should.

    But if you ask what a decision-maker or industry commentator has to gain by being aware of the coming wave of change in their sector, that’s something else. Our clients’ technologies help other companies grow. And that shows how good they are at their job.

  • Relationships come first

    Every time a journalist simply copies and pastes a news announcement, a fairy dies. We want key people to question and engage with why you matter, not just trot out easy coverage.

    That’s what generates the kind of third party endorsement your team can use to reach new people and drive sales. If you can build understanding, solid coverage and customers will come.

  • A better proposal process

    Agencies traditionally try and knock your socks off with grand pitches before they have even spent a day working on your account.

    At Augur, we start with a one page strategic spec — our diagnosis, guiding strategy and Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). If we agree this is along the right lines, we kick off a small proposal project, where we interview your leadership, your team, everyone we can get our hands on to help us write a full 6 – 12 month plan.

Who is Augur?

Max Tatton-Brown MCIPR

Max Tatton-Brown MCIPR

Founding Director

After years in the UK’s top technology PR agencies and leading comms for a global tech startup, Max founded Augur to provide a better kind of PR and communications strategy.

He writes about technology and culture for publications like Quartz, The Guardian and Wired and helps run industry groups including TechJPR and the PRCA Tech Group.